2014 AFL Japan Game Rules and Regulations



A. Regarding the AFL JAPAN Game Rules and Regulations

The AFL JAPAN Game Rules and Regulations is defined and managed by Japan Australian Football League. Based on the AFL Rules and Regulations,it has been amended in order to improve the quality of the games in Japan and any Rules and Regulations not described in here , will be based on the AFL Rules and Regulations (set at the beginning of the season).

B. Application of the AFL JAPAN Game Rules and Regulations

The AFL JAPAN Game Rules and Regulations will be applied to all parties or teams which is joined to Japan Australian Football League. It will also applied to all official Japan Australian Football League.

C.Amendment of the Game Rules and Regulations

Amendment of the Game Rules and Regulations will be admitted during the season with a approval of the AFL JAPAN Steering Committee. Such amendment will be informed to each Teams before the beginning of the game.

Game Management Rules and Regulations

1. Ground

1.1  Playing area
In case the games can not be played on a full size oval , Rugby ground or soccer ground will be used as a substitute. The playing are be defined as below.
1.2 50 meter arch
The 50 meter arch would be not be drawn.
1.3 Centre square
The centre square will be a square with 30m of length.
1.4 Centre circles
The center circle will be a circle with 8 meters in diameter.
1.5 Goal square
The goal square will be a square with the length of the goal line.
1.6 Goal and behind post
The goal post will be at least 2 meters high. If the goal post is already set up on the ground , the behind post will need to be set up with the same length to the goal post..
Except there is a material which has the possibility to get injured such as metals, any cushions will not be necessary to attach to the goal post.

2. Football

2.1 Official Football
The game will be conducted to use AFL JAPAN official Football only.
2.2 Spare balls
At least one spare ball will need to be prepared at each end.
2.3 Confirmation of the Football
The umpire will confirm the football as well as the Captain of both teams. 

3. Team

3.1 Playing numbers per Team
In case the games can not be played on a full size oval , the playing numbers will be
minimum 7 , maximum 9 players aside. Interchange players will be unlimited. If the side is
under 7 players , the game will be forfeited.
3.2 Team officials and runners
Team Officials and runners that can be in the playing are will be limited to 2 per side and will need to be distinguished with the players wearing different uniforms, armbands etc.
3.3 AFL Japan Membership Card
All players , runners and team officials who are inside the playing area will need to bring their AFL Japan membership card and would need to present it to the game management headquarters when required.

4. Interchange monitoring staff

4.1 Substitute for Interchange monitoring staff
Interchange monitoring staff will not be appointed. Any violation on interchanges , will be monitored by match commissioner, timekeeper , boundary umpire and field umpire.
Interchange of the players will be done freely.

5. Umpires

5.1 Field Umpire
Only an umpire who has taken the AFL JAPAN umpire course can umpire as filed umpire.
The field will need to be 2 umpires for each official games. The AFL JAPAN Game Management Department will appoint the field umpire for every official games.
5.2 Goal umpire and boundary umpire
The AFL JAPAN Game Management or the playing teams will select the goal umpire and filed . Only an umpire who has been approved by the AFL JAPAN or the teams can umpire as fieldumpire and goal umpire.
5.3 Authority of the field umpire.
The field umpire has the authority to turn over the decision during the game.

6. Playing Uniform

6.1 Team uniform
Jumpers , pants , socks must be all unified as team uniforms. Numbers should be attached to uniforms. Any violation to this rule will be defined as report play. In case their will be any difference of the Logos or designs , it is required a permission from the match commissioner 
6.2 Under wear (spats , under-armor etc)
Wearing under wear will be admitted. However it should not disturb the unification of the Team Uniforms in terms of length and colors. If the player will be wearing a wear which is against the regulation , approval from the match commissioner will be necessary before the game starts. Any wears that has the possibility to harm other players would not be approved.

7. Quarters ,intervals

7.1 Game time
Game time will be 15 minutes per 4 quarters , total of 60 minutes. There will be no time on. All official games will be 15 minutes per quarter however it may change for Cup games etc.
7.2 Intervals
The intervals between the quarters will be as below.
 (a)The intervals between 1st and 2nd quarters will be no longer than 5 minutes.
 (b)The intervals between 2nd and 3rd quarters will be no longer than 15 minutes.
 (c)The intervals between 3rd and 4th quarters will be no longer than 5 minutes.
Above may change for Cup games etc.
7.3 Time keeper
The time keeper will be appointed by the AFL JAPAN Game Development Department.

8. Procedure for Game start and kicking end

8.1 Game start procedure
Umpire will perform an instruction of the rules and check the players for both teams before
the game starts.

8.2 Choosing the kicking end
Captains of both teams will decide the kicking end before the game. A Guest who has been selected by the Filed Umpire will make the coin toss. The guest will decide which team will decide kicking end as a result of the coin toss. The captain of away team will kicking end as a result of the coin toss.

8.3 Number of players on centre bounce.
In case the games can not be played on a full size oval , players who can be inside the centre square upon centre bounce will be limited to 3 players per side. 

9. 50 meter penalty

9.1 Change of length
In case the games can not be played on a full size oval , the 30 meter penalty will be applied instead of 50 meters.

10. Report play

10. 1 Tribunal
Any report play will be recorded and reported to the AFL JAPAN Game Management Department.
A tribunal will be held after the report play is recorded. The tribunal time and venue will be also informed to the concerned players, If the player should not attend to this tribunal , it will be granted that the player has abandoned the rights.
10. 2 Deciding of the penalty
A penalty will be decided as below 
1) Player’s suspension of the games 
2) Team’s point reduction
3) Team’s suspension of the games
The result will be informed to the player or the team.
10. 3 Application of the suspension
The length of suspension of the games will be decided by the AFL JAPAN and would not apply AFL rules.

11. Sending off

11.1 Sent off for the game
If a player has been instructed by the umpire to been sent off for the game , that team can not send a substitute player to the playing area
11.2 Sent off temporary
If a player has been instructed by the umpire to been sent of for temporary according to the field umpire’s decision , the player need to depart the play area for 15 minutes. Interval time will be not be included in this 15 minutes. The team cannot can not send a substitute player to the playing area for 15 minutes.
11.3 Decrease of number of players
In case the playing number has decreased to under 7 , that team will be admitted to abandoned the game.


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